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the growing of plants without soil, has developed from the findings of experiments carried out to determine what substances make plants grow and the composition of plants. Such work on plant constituents dates back as early as the 1600s. However, plants were being grown in a soil less culture far earlier than this. is at least as ancient as the pyramids. A primitive form has been carried on in Kashmir for centuries.
The process of growing in our oceans goes back to about the time the earth was created. growing preceded soil growing. But as a farming tool, many believe it started in the ancient city of Babylon with its famous hanging gardens, which are listed as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and was probably one of the first successful attempts to grow plants.
Many gardening writers have suggested that the Hanging Gardens of Babylon were in fact an elaborate system, into which fresh water rich in oxygen and nutrients was regularly pumped.

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